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Ali G Character Impersonator Hire

Ali G Impersonator Character Hire

Booyakasha! Hear me now!

I's gonna give you a well-bangin good time in'it.

Hire me for your next function - aiight - and Big it Up for your guests! Maximum Respect!

Ali G may be a little inappropriate, but that's part of this charm! The character made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen is both hilarious and wild, and when he's in da house, ANYTHING could happen!

Our range of Impersonator character performers are all professional actors and performers - not only do they look the part, but their actions and mannerisms are all perfectly in sync with your memory of the classic characters that they are impersonating.

For more information on our impersonators, or other character hire for various events including Corporate, and Private events, call or contact us, or browse through our site for more inspiration.

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Ali G Character Impersonator Hire

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