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Big Tony 1920s Gangster Character Hire for Event Hosts

Big Tony 1920s Gangster Character Hire for Event Hosts

Big Tony looks after the “Family Interests” as he cruises your event making sure that there is no need to “take out the trash”.

Big Tony is the quintessential wise-crackin' 1920s gangster character. He's a mafia don, big boss man, and his personality will fill up the room, just like your feet will fill up those concrete shoes if you don't do what's good f'ya.

Perfect for event hosts, Big Tony is a versatile character hire for all sorts of events, ranging from corporate events, to private parties, including Murder Mysteries, or just as a fun roving character.

By the end of the night he will have acquainted himself with all of your guests and made sure that they have all been “suitably looked after”. For casino nights themed events Big Tony can also distribute your funny money to guests as they arrive and perform MC duties throughout your event. Big Tony is also used regularly to host Murder Mystery Events, especially the 1920s Tracy Gang Murder Mystery.

We have a big range of characters for hire, all of whom are professional performers who are skilled in being hilarious hosts for your event, big or small.

Hire Big Tony for a gritty character host at your next event.

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Big Tony 1920s Gangster Character Hire for Event Hosts

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