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Blow-Up Photo Booth Event Hire

Blow-Up Photo Booth

Photo booths are fun on the inside, but can look pretty ugly from the outside – ruining the look of the venue that you put so much thought and effort into styling. They can also be a pain to set up, taking away from precious party prep time. With a blow-up photo booth, these problems have disappeared with a puff of air.

Setting up is easy

Everything about the blow up photobooth screams speedy – it’s quick and easy to set up, and the photos print in literally under 10 seconds. This makes it the perfect addition to almost every kind of party, and an easy way to give guests something to take home to remember the event. The quick printing times mean that guests can take many different photos with different props, and there still won't be a huge line waiting, either! No more missing out on the party waiting to take photos with your sweetheart.

Unique appearance sure to impress

Photo booths are the staple of many kinds of events and parties, from promotional events, to weddings, and from school formals all the way to Christmas parties - and why not? Guests having a good time will naturally want to commemorate the moment, and there's something very retro about having the photos print out on the spot and into your hands. The blow-up photo booth takes these enhancements of traditional photo booths, and takes it further with a beautiful structure, and cool LED lights that will enhance the overall feel of your event. The blow up photo booth automatically gives your event a modern, stylish, and fun focal point.

Photo booths are the biggest thing!

Make sure you are including a photo booth – no matter what kind – at your next event. They encourage attendees to actively engage with your event, they give them something to take home, and they give you the flexibility to promote your event even more.

Here are some of the photo booth options we offer: 

Freeze Action Photo Booth

GIF Photo Booth

Green Screen Magic Photo Booth

Mirror Selfie Photo Booth

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Blow-Up Photo Booth Event Hire

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