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Dame Edna Impersonator Performer Hire

Dame Edna Impersonator Performer Hire

"Hello Possums!!" Will be the call as your guests enter the room as this Australian Icon and personal friend of the Queen brings a bunch of Gladdie to present to the host/ess to show her thanks.

Dame Edna Impersonator Hire is the warmest invitation to a party you'll ever extend. Just as comfortable as the MC at a large event as she is preparing the Sunday roast, our Dame Edna impersonator will endear herself to each and everyone of your guests.

For a Birthday Surprise why not ask the Dame to write a personalised piece of poetry that can be recited at the event and presented to the birthday boy or girl as a keepsake to remember the night? (The collection of personal details from friends and/or family is required 2 weeks prior to the event in order for the poem to be written)

Dame Edna is an Australian icon, and one that brings happiness and laughter to people of all ages, young and old. Her affectionate manners and loving outlook on life means that having a Dame Edna Impersonator at your event will be sure to spread love to everyone! If you're holding a true blue Australian event, you cannot pass on having Dame Edna at your party!

Our character hire performers are professional actors and performers who not only look the part, but their characteristics and mannerisms are perfect to the role. Check out our other impersonators and characters, or call or contact us for more information about what sort of characters we can bring to your event. Our characters suit all sorts of events, from private to corporate, funny to serious, young and old!

For more information on our impersonators, or other character hire for various events including Corporate, and Private events, call or contact us, or browse through our site for more inspiration.

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Dame Edna Impersonator Performer Hire

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