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Haka War-Cry Dance Hire – Traditional New Zealand Performance

Haka War-Cry Dance Hire – Traditional New Zealand Performance

Experience the energy of traditional New Zealand war-cry – the haka – at your event. Performed by a tribe of proud Maori performers, the New Zealand haka dance hire is a must for events with New Zealand influences.

What is the Haka dance?

The Haka dance is a traditional dance, from the Maori culture of New Zealand. It involves lots of high energy movements, such as stamping of the feet and rhythmic shouting, performed by a group of performers. It's loud, it’s energetic, and it will fill your guests with awe as they experience a renowned tradition of the Maori New Zealanders.

Premium Event Entertainment Show option

When you book your Haka war cry dance show through Applause Entertainment, you are receiving premium event entertainment service and solutions. Speak to us about your event, and learn about what other options are available for your event needs.

When is the Haka performed?

Historically, the haka was performed before battle, like a war-cry to intimidate the enemy. Nowadays, the haka is performed for distinguished guests, before important events, and of course, against sporting rivals.

You can hire the haka war dance performance for your event, especially when there are VIP guests from New Zealand present. The haka dance is also ideal to begin an important ceremony, such as a wedding. It will add energy and excitement to any event.

Who will perform the Haka at my event?

Our haka dancers are performed by traditional Maori dancers, bringing your guests a genuine and passionate performance of New Zealand’s culture and history.

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Haka War-Cry Dance Hire – Traditional New Zealand Performance

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