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Hula Hoop Circus Performers Hire

Hula Hoop Circus Performers Hire

Hula Hoops: Fun, Technical and High Energy - Talented Circus Performers for your event

The hula hoop is a toy hoop, that is twirled around the waist, limbs, or neck. Although the exact origins of hula hoops are unknown, children around the world have played with hoops, twirling, rolling and throwing them throughout history.

Traditional materials for hoops include grapevines and stiff grasses. Today, they are often made of plastic. The hula hoop emerged in the world of circus in the 1960s. Russian and Chinese artists took the hula hoop to extremes. Applause has a range of Hula Hoop Circus/Variety/Side Show acts that can be tailored to suite your themed event and venue. They often work well for podium spots and roving entertainment where there is enough room.

Hula Hoop circus performers are energetic and amazing to behold. Great for corporate events and private events alike, from young to old, their high skill levels will astound and captivate your guests!

Our performers and actors are professional performers all skilled in event entertainment and performance. They are guaranteed to keep your guests entertained and talking for months about their wonderful experience.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Hula Hoop Circus Performers Hire

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