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Monty the Monkey - Cheeky Man-Monkey Circus Character

Monty the Monkey

We’ve found the mysterious link between the apes and man – Monty the Monkey. This fully costumed man-monkey will tickle your guests silly with his antics.

Monty the Monkey isn’t for the faint of heart, his hyper detailed facial prosthetics mean that your guests will have trouble spotting where man ends and Monty begins! Monty the Monkey's goofy and sometimes cheeky nature will have your guests shrieking with laughter, and begging to take photos. Use Monty to greet your guests as they arrive at the party, and you’ll be setting the perfect tone for the rest of the event.

Our highly talented special effects makeup artist has painstakingly created the most realistic looking man-monkey reminiscient of The Planet of the Apes. Behind the makeup and prosthetics, your guests will see the manic intelligence that is only seen in the great specie of mankind. Our super talented performer fully embraces the animalistic movements of the primate family, making Monty the Monkey a character that will always be surprising and unpredictable. 

Add a Little Humour

Monty the Monkey is perfect for circus themed events that want a little extra humour, as he will run amuck amongst the guests and cause all sorts of cheeky mischief – but he knows not to upset the Ring Master! Pair Monty with the Ringmaster to witness the humorous interaction between the master of beasts and the beast himself.

Note: We don’t advise inviting Monty the Monkey to children’s parties, as his hyper realistic face might be a little intimidating. Adults will love him!

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Monty the Monkey - Cheeky Man-Monkey Circus Character

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