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Scoops McGee Paparazzi Performer Character Hire

Scoops McGee Paparazzi Performer Character Hire

"Give me the scoop. Come on! I got kids to feed!"

Scoops McGee paparazzi perforemer is an iconic old school 1950’s style reporter character hot on the tail of the next big story.

He's a wisecracking, fast-talking, word-spinning kind of guy. Scoops McGee will stop at nothing to chum up with your guests, friends, and family, and get the inside scoop on what's the ins and outs! With his iconic trench coat, fedora and chain-smoker's teeth, you can't help but fall for his strange old-timey charms.

Paparazzi Like it was Back Then

Head reporter for the “Herald Scum”, Scoops McGee chases down celebrities, gets the gos’ and sets up the shot for the front page. Do you want your photo on the front page of tomorrow's news to look a million bucks? Strike a pose, and Scoops McGee will lap it up!

Snap! Flash! "Who are you wearing tonight?”“Is it true what they are saying?" "Have you got a statement to make to the media?"

A high energy welcome in celebrity style! Scoops McGee is a great addition to your paparazzi hire performers, as he will stand out and take things to the next level! Great for party-goers who like a bit of extra zing in their entertainment!

Make sure you're also inviting a few Hollywood icon favourites for Scoops to harrass-uh...interview and interact with. It makes for a great way to inject energy before an event.

Our performers and actors are professional performers all skilled in event entertainment and performance. They are guaranteed to keep your guests entertained and talking for months about their wonderful experience.

Also check out our range of Hollywood themed performers and acts - nothing says high class and smooth operator like getting all the biggest names and faces from Hollywood at your event.

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Scoops McGee Paparazzi Performer Character Hire

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