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Welcoming Entertainment

Being greeted by a charming and funny performer guarantees your guests’ night starts with a smile on their face.


Add light relief to a conference. Give your Christmas party some extra sparkle. Celebrate a company or staff milestone by adding an element of surprise.


Enjoy high quality, super fun entertainment that will engage and entertain, staying in your guests memories long after the curtain falls.


It is the perfect song played at the perfect moment that will make or break your party vibe.


Young children love face painters and fairies, but older children need fun interactive entertainment.

Master of Ceremonies/ MC/ Event Hosts


Invite a “celebrity” to your next event - Pop Star, Movie Star, TV Personality etc…


Make your next event the “Greatest Show on Earth” Circus Artists of the highest skill will amaze and surprise your guests.

Need corporate comedy entertainment and acts of astonishing artistry?

If you're in the business of corporate event planning, or have ever planned a major corporate event, you know that bold, skilled entertainers can transform an event from mundane to magic. The right kind of entertainment at a corporate event draws people together in just the same way as a breathtaking theatrical spectacular. Make them laugh, make them gasp, make them smile and make them cheer and your guests will be falling over themselves to attend your next event. Read more...