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Private Events

Private Events

Make your party unique and memorable – Birthday – Hens’ Night - Wedding - Anniversary

Are you stuck for some fun party ideas?

Whether your next special occasion is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, hen's night, bucks party or just an excuse to get together with your friends and celebrate, there are endless ways to make your party unique and memorable for everyone. Enquire now and one of our consultants will help you come up with great ideas for your party, sure to make it a hit.

Give your party a special Theme to give it extra buzz!

Imagine all your guests arriving dressed like 1920's flappers and gangsters, Hollywood celebrities or in the ever-stylish black and white. How about something sci-fi, or Superheroes? Setting the scene with a backdrop to the party always turns the party atmosphere up as patrons revel in being able to play a 'character' without feeling embarrassed. Read more...