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Promotional Events

Promotional Events

The ‘magic space’ where your product meets your customer.

Why promotional events and experiential marketing planning is like dressing for a first date.

You want to impress. You may only have one shot at it. You're a little bit nervous. It could fizzle out. Or lead to a long and happy relationship.

From a psychological perspective, the following facts are true when it comes to first impressions.

  • 55% of first impressions are based on your appearance and body language.
  • 38% come from your voice tone and inflection.
  • 7% is based on what you say.

These are compelling statistics when it comes to promotions and promotional events, and experiential marketing. Of course it is the quality of your product or service that will ultimately win customers and clients over. But you're creating an uphill battle if you don't make it easy for them to SEE and HEAR what you have on offer in the first place. Read more...