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Team Building Events

Team Building Events

Activities that take people outside themselves and build on their strengths.

Team Building games and activities are great for increasing confidence, team work, satisfaction, promoting curiosity and boosting the ability to take positive risks. Investing in top team building facilitators not only creates an easygoing environment and alleviates stress for the event planner, it is also a truly valuable experience for the team.

Team building events help foster new relationships and solidify existing ones in the workplace. It's also a great way to reward and recognise your team's achievements; all the things you probably wrote down as goals on your last team building exercise.

Want a successful team building event that is fun and memorable?

What you need are activities that take people outside their comfort zones, help them identify their strengths, but also be accepting of the areas they might need to improve.

Team building is important for employee well-being, and is therefore vital to a business' health and yes, it can be fun too.

Applause facilitators have a great 'double barrel' background of entertainment and corporate experience. So they know how to create a fun, safe workshop environment. And they will understand the objectives of your team building exercises. They might even have suggestions to make it more effective.

Applause Teambuilding Events:

  • Circus Skills Workshops
    Professional and Experienced Circus trainers teach your team new collective skills to boost self-esteem and encourage bonding. Workshops include a tailored program with an appropriate level of risk and professional quality equipment. This is a great way to boost employee confidence.

  • Murder Mystery Events
    Intrigue - Deception - Mystery
    An Interactive and memorable event that is mentally engaging, exciting and keeps your team on their toes! As the 'celebration' begins, suddenly, one of your guests DIES (but it's just fun and games, don't worry)! All the exits are sealed and a murder investigation is set in motion with every guest as the primary suspects.

    A totally interactive 3 hours of entertainment, Murder Mystery Events encourages team work, deduction skills, analysis of evidence and listening. But most of all they are a whole lot of fun for all involved.

  • Casino Night
    After being welcomed by 'Big Tony' - the larger than life pinstriped clad casino owner – you'll be directed to the tables awash in the flutter of showgirls' feathers. Professional Dealers and Croupiers on Full-sized casino tables with Personalised Funny Money provide the thrill of a real casino. Break the ice, exercise healthy competition and get your team or clients engaged in lateral and creative ways in a perfectly safe and fun filled environment.

  • Game Show LIVE

    This interactive multi media event allows your guests to tap into their general knowledge and piece together fragments of facts and fiction. Play just like they do on TV! Up to 500 participants can play at once. There's nothing like a little friendly competition to build rapport within a group collective.

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