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Murder Mysteries FAQ

Murder Mysteries FAQ

Why Choose Applause Entertainment?

An Applause definition of Entertainment for your Murder Mystery Party is: interactive and vivid entertainment. 

Applause Entertainment Host Performers are: 

  • Trained professionals - corporate performers with extensive experience in combining MC skills with acting, improvisation and team building, so that you receive a professional, safe, fun filled outcome every time!
  • Punctual - arriving in full costume and make-up of the highest standards generally 30min prior to commencement.
  • Fully insured - all performers have full Public Liability insurance
  • Have professional standard, Costumes and Make Up

Why are Murder Mysteries great for Corporate Team Building?

Murder Mysteries are a fantastic Corporate event idea, as an energizing ice-breaker, a unique one-off event, or even an interactive conference opener. 
Participants are broken into groups to unravel a string of clues provided by your Host; one of our experienced, corporate, event entertainers. 
The hands-on learning from this team event will build and strengthen relationships in your  sales teams, project groups, marketing and customer support groups, all who are confounded daily by their own not so Murderous Mysteries.

Who is Applause Entertainment?

Applause Entertainment is Melbourne ’s most versatile Entertainment Consultancy - Providing quality, tailored interactive entertainment solutions and workshops for Corporate Functions, Festivals, Private Functions, Murder Mystery parties, Events, Promotional and Marketing activities. 
The only artist agency that actively provides ongoing, in-house training and development for its performers, we can provide professional individuals, or groups, of circus acts, roving entertainment, comedians, characters, shows and performances, to suit any function or marketing event. 

We specialise in all forms of Murder Mystery Hosting:

  • Murder Mystery Dinner Parties
  • Murder Mysteries for large groups
  • Murder Mystery parties for small groups
  • Murder Mystery birthday party ideas
  • Murder Mystery Corporate Events 

Where should I hold the event?

These exciting events are held in the venue of your choice – from your lounge room, to a hired venue – & will leave people talking for weeks afterwards! 

Try any venue which:

  • Is completely private i.e.: not a restaurant with other patrons.
  • Is very quiet i.e. no bands or DJs next door.
  • Has plenty of room to move around.
  • You need one central area big enough for all guests at one time.

When can I use a Murder Mystery party?

  • Corporate Team Events
  • Dinner Parties
  • Bucks/Hens Nights
  • Birthday Parties
  • Fundraisers 

What themes are available?

There are currently 8x themes to choose from in total – with more on the way soon!

Team Game Themes – Hollywood Scandal, Tracy Gang (1920’s Gangsters), Haunted Horrors, Wild West, Caribbean Cruise, & Christmas Capers

Individual Game Themes – Murder Mansion, and Higgleton Riding Club.

What should I tell my guests?

Each guest receives an invitation explaining that they will be attending a murder mystery and it also provides costume suggestions. You fill in the details and send the invitations out.  No acting is required just mingling and sleuthing.

What products and services do you provide?

  • Organisation and purchase of your Murder Mystery Kit
  • Hosting by a trained professional actor and/or an experienced corporate event entertainer
  • Provision of a Costume Box – perfect for surprise events
  • Support with Venue locating, Venue theming, Costumes and Food and Beverage packages

What is the best theme for an all girl's party or Hen's Night?

Our “Hollywood Scandal” theme has genderless characters i.e. characters could either be boys or girls with names like “The Star” and “The Producer”. 
Our "Wild West" theme involves a wedding and is great for a Hen’s Night (some guests will be boys but this increases the fun!)

What do I do once I have received my box?

If you’ve found your own Murder Mystery game online, your next step is to:

 1. Hire an Applause Entertainment host. 

 2. Deliver the invitations to your guests. 

 3. Organise your venue, food and beverage.

What do I do now?

If you would like more information on any part of your Murder Mystery Party, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 261 545. Or go to our Enquiries page to send us an online enquiry.

What costs are involved?

The costs involved include:

  • Your Host
  • Your Murder Mystery Kit
  • Your Venue
  • Your Food and Beverage
  • Your Costumes
  • Your Decoration and Theming 

If your event is on a boat or a train or in an unusual location, travel costs and parking may be required also. 
You can choose to spend as much or as little as you wish on any of these elements of your Murder Mystery. 
Contact us to talk about our Applause Entertainment Packages.

What happens if some guests don’t want to participate?

The nature of our Games, and the way we Host them, is to encourage everyone to be involved throughout the event. However, if you know that some of your guests won’t want to participate, or are concerned about their involvement, never fear! Our games (especially the Team Games) are designed so that people can be involved as much or as little as they like.

Can we have our Murder Mystery over a meal?

Yes, the Murder Mystery is usually run throughout the meal and we work together with the venue in regards to the timing of it all – the only time constraints that we have is upon guest arrival; we ask that there is no food served for approx. 30-45mins as the guests are arriving (before being seated for your meal – drinks & canapés are ok to be served at this time however), so that we can hand out the character badges, play some ice breakers, and set up the story with the guests etc. But after that, the game is quite free flowing and we can work the game around when the Chef needs to serve food.

Does the game have to start when my guests arrive?

If your guest arrival is 7pm that is usually when the Game starts, and the hosts will arrive approx. 30mins prior to that (6.30pm) to get the room & themselves ready. Upon guest arrival, we ask that there is no food served for approx. 30-45mins (canapés & drinks are ok, just not the seated meal), so that we can hand out the character badges, play some ice breaker games, and set up the story with the guests etc.

The whole Murder Mystery Night usually runs for approx 3 hours.

Can we stop the Murder Mystery game during the night to have speeches/awards etc?

If you have any awards / speeches etc, these are better left until after the Murder Mystery concludes, so that your guests can remain focused on the game itself.

I can’t find a venue, can you help?

We don’t have any specific venues that we use – we’re pretty flexible, and wherever suits you will be fine by us, as long as it is a private room. A good website to look at is www.venues2events.com.au – you can add in what types of venues you’re looking for, and in what area etc, and it will bring up appropriate options for you. Alternatively, Pubs, Bistros, and Restaurants often have private rooms that they will let you hire for minimal or no cost, if you spend over a certain amount with them via food and drink.

We also have a list of Venues in most States that we have worked in that we can provide you, as well as a Venue Finding Service. Please call us to discuss (1300 261 545) or submit an Enquiry Online.

Do I have to pay the full fee upfront?

No. After you’ve made your Booking with one of our Sales Team, our Accounts department will send you the Booking Agreement for you to sign and return, and the Tax Invoice. Once we’ve received your signed Booking Agreement and initial deposit (50% of the total), this will lock in your performer(s) for you. The remaining balance is then due 7 days prior to your event.

Do you offer Event Management Services?

We have two event management options we can help you with:-

1. Applause Venue Finding Service - we offer a standalone Venue Finding service that puts you in touch with 3 quality venues matching your specifications. Each venue option comes complete with tailored food and beverage packages. This option costs $500 +GST   

2. Full Event Management Service to take care of booking & organising your Venue, Decorations (if applicable), Food & Beverages. Get the added benefit of working with your very own event consultant. From finding the perfect venue, to organizing your menu and being onsite on the night to ensure everything runs to schedule – we will coordinate every last detail so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This option costs more than the above, however the price is on application as we need to confirm your specific needs further.

As an example, our event management services usually cost $150+gst per hour, (min 5hrs = $750+gst). This fee includes the following services:-

  •          Finding, booking and coordinating with the Venue on your behalf, with regards to the timings of the event, catering (food & beverage), etc.
  •          Liaising with yourself via phone and email to organise the catering, theming and entertainment required for the event.
  •          Assisting with suggested timings / creating a run sheet for the event
  •          Booking and coordinating suppliers.

Please Note - the event management service fee does not include other costs such as venue costs (room hire/food & beverage costs etc), entertainment, theming, on-site appointments etc - they are all additional costs to the above stipulated fee. 

Can I have a cocktail style function, if I’m having a Murder Mystery event?

Yes, you can have the Murder Mystery night over either a Sit Down Dinner or Cocktail Function. Tables, whether they are high bar tables or dinner tables, are also a good idea so that your guests have somewhere to chat around and write notes about their clues if necessary.

Why do I need a host?

Hiring a host will make the party easy to organise. You will get to enjoy the party rather than having to worry about any of the organisation on the night.

What will the host do?

Our Performers will not only host your Murder Mystery Party but are there to make sure that everybody in attendance lets their hair down and joins in the great time, creating memorable moments that will continued to be talked about for years to come!

Do you have any more questions? That's fine! Our friendly and dedicated entertainment consultant team is available to you. Just send us an enquiry, or call 1300 261 545, to get your Murder Mystery started. We hope this blog post has helped you plan your killer event.