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On-Site Coordination

On-Site Coordination services for private and corporate events

So you have arranged the entertainment, spent hours finding the perfect venue, dealt with the venue management and deliberating over a sumptuous menu and made sure your event planning is perfect.

But who is going to make sure everything runs smoothly on the night? After all your hard work, don't you deserve to enjoy the night too? Strange as this sounds, this is actually possible…

Depending on what you and your event needs, we have different levels of coordination service to help take the burden off your shoulders.

On-Site Event Coordination

Why not arrange for one of our experienced event managers to work as your on-site coordinator to make sure your next event is perfect? And all the while you can enjoy the festivities into the bag.

We will meet with you before your big day, look over your arrangements, assist with running sheet and timing to get a clear idea of exactly what you want and how you want your guests to experience the event.

Then, on the night, you just sit back and relax as we run around making sure that suppliers arrive on time and set everything correctly, make sure meals and wait service is to time and standard and that all entertainment, formalities, speeches and special moments happen as planned.

On-Site Event Coordination includes:

  • Basic consulting pre-event
  • Assistance with Running Sheets and timing
  • Oversee set up
  • Oversee all suppliers
  • Liaise with all entertainers and contractors
  • Ensure food service is run to time and professionally
  • Coordinate any last minute charges or needs
  • Coordinate speeches, formalities or special moments on the night
  • Solve any problems with as little fuss and disruption as possible
  • Ensure all guests have a wonderful time

This is a great compromise for organisers who LOVE to be in control, but who also get a little bit of Fear Of Missing Out syndrome once the party actually kicks off. This way, they control the planning and simply pass on the details so we handle the execution, and they get to enjoy the fruits of their creation.

On-Site Entertainment Coordination

Our professional on-site Entertainment Coordinators will handle just the entertainment and performers, and is an ideal way for you to compartmentalize the different moving parts of your event. You've already spent so much effort before the event, why can't you enjoy the fruits of your labour as much as your guests?

On Site Entertainment Coordination includes:

  • An entertainment coordinator with years of experience and knowledge about event entertainment
  • Working alongside the venue, the entertainers, and yourself
  • Ensure the run schedule is adhered to
  • Ensure all OH & S procedures are followed
  • Put out all the little "fires" before they even spark

If you have booked many different talents and entertainment from us, or from any other sources, wouldn't it be easier for you to only liaise with one person, instead of many? Our Entertainment Coordinators speak performer-ese; we know how to clearly communicate to those exotic and creative brains.

Entertainment coordination is recommended for large and exciting events with many different moving parts, such as Light and Sound, Catering, Security, etc, etc, as our coordinator will seamlessly join in as a member of the elite event team, while still giving the event organizer the ability to oversee the running of the event.


Are you not sure which coordination service is right for you? No worries, enquire now or call 1300 261 545, and speak to our friendly team. We'll ask you the right questions and walk you through deciding the best choice for your event and budget.