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Circus Workshops Team Building Corporate Circus Exercise

Looking for indoor team building games that are outside the square?

The answer is: Corporate Circus


Our Experienced Circus trainers take your team through a range of activities to boost self-esteem and encourage bonding. Workshops include a tailored program with an appropriate level of risk and professional quality equipment.

We offer 3 Circus Packages targeted to achieve your individual team goals.

Do you need an inspiring reason for your team to get up and moving?

1.  Everyone Can Juggle

During a full day of seminars it is difficult for even the most astute amongst us to maintain our focus and energy. For this reason a juggling workshop can be an essential element in your conference planning. 

A workshop during which every member of your team learns how to juggle, provides an exciting and stimulating time out for your team. Through the professional teaching skills and years of experience from our trainers, your team will discover that everyone can juggle!Providing the motivation to tackle other activities that they previously believed were beyond their capabilities.

Why stop at one skill when your team can learn 3 or more?

2.  Tag Team Workshop

Doesn’t it sound great to have your team come away from a workshop with a whole swag of new skills? Skills that have challenged and invigorated them encouraging them to rely on each other and believe in themselves. Depending on how long you would like to stay and play, our circus trainers can introduce your team to an exciting range of skills and equipment.

Are you looking for the ultimate circus experience?

3.  Circus Extravaganza

Picture this - Your team has learned how to juggle, hula hoop, hang on the trapeze and walk the tight wire. They are energised, excited and ready to show the world!

At the conclusion of your workshop, each participant gets to select their favourite new skill. They are then directed and choreographed by the trainer into your very own Circus Extravaganza.

Our trainers are very sensitive to the needs of participants and will ensure that the level of participation is appropriate for each individual


How will your team benefit from Circus Skills?

Read the list of benefits participants gain from circus; you may find it very similar to the list you have already written down as objectives for your next team building event:

  • All members can achieve the outcomes,
  • A unique and enjoyable experience for you and your team,
  • Creation and development of sustainable team performance behaviours,
  • Re-invigorate, re-energise and re-focus teams,
  • Builds trust, openness and stronger relationships,
  • Heighten the sense of team organisational values,
  • Increase self-esteem,
  • Effectively work towards common goals,
  • Target diversity and inclusion as a team success factor.

This unconventional and exciting corporate workshop is a great way to bond teams, improve focus and build a shared language of achievement.

It’s the most fun your team will have while team building indoors. Contact us to talk about how this inspiring workshop can take your team to new heights.

For more event themes, feel free to browse through our Themes pages, or alternatively call or contact us to speak to us about coming up with your own themed events! We cater for corporate and private events, nothing is too big!

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Circus Workshops Team Building Corporate Circus Exercise

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