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Masquerade Balls Event Themes and Ideas

Masquerade Balls Event Themes and Ideas

The Masquerade Ball - or Masked ball - has a long and dramatic history. The masquerade ball is a very popular event theme, and is a beautiful, elegant and sophisticated event idea for corporate events and special private events.

  • Fancy dress - it doesn't have to be formal, but it has to be fashionable
  • Traditional style masks for super formal style events
  • Modern and more creative masks for contemporary and cocktail-style events
  • Add some beautiful event theme styling to enhance the atmosphere
  • Invite talented skill performers like fire twirlers or contortionists to astound your guests
  • See more ideas below...

The history of Masquerade balls is a long and often dangerous one. Starting its roots in 14th Century carnivals, the mask has been worn through the rise and fall of the 16th Century Venetian Masquerade Ball era, the spread throughout mainland Europe, and even a Swedish King assassination. It is through this long and dramatic history that masquerade balls enjoy the unique status it holds in high society and the fashionable crowd.

Fortunately, these days it is the ultimate fancy dress party. Let this 16th Century tradition of whim and desire arouse the most elaborate costumes from your guests. We have a wide variety of masked roving characters and acts to choose from, including Lord Gorgeous and Lady Lovely (a pair of lovable socialites) and Masked Fire Twirlers. Relive the carnival magic of the original masquerade balls with fully costumed Masked Magicians, Masked Acrobats, Contortionists, mystical Fortune Tellers...the possibilities are endless.

Masquerade Mask Hire

Masks can be availaible for hire. There is no excuse not to take part in this mysterious and beautiful event theme.

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Masquerade Balls Event Themes and Ideas

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