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Paparazzi Hire - Insta-Famous Red Carpet Experience

Paparazzi Hire - Insta-Famous Red Carpet Experience

Performers available to hire now in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Have you dreamed about becoming Insta-famous? What would you do to get that perfect photo for Instagram? How about the experience of fending off the paparazzi as if you were a real bonafide celebrity?

These experiences could all be yours, with our Paparazzi Hire. The fake paparazzi photographers are there to create that Insta-famous red carpet feel at your event. Use them as a way to greet guests, or to pump up their confidence! Nothing is more exciting.

Snap! Flash! "Who are you wearing tonight?”“Is it true what they are saying?" "Have you got a statement to make to the media?"

The red carpet has been rolled out – somebody has tipped off the Paparazzi Photographers and there they are; waiting for you to arrive at the venue; hoping to capture the shot that will make them millions of dollars!

You and your guests will feel like famous celebrities when you hire your very own entourage of Paparazzi photographers to follow you around or meet and greet you at your next corporate event, awards night, private party, hen’s night, birthday party, themed event or hire them just for fun!

Whatever the reason, let us show you the ultimate celebrity experience with your very own Personal Paparazzi!

Give your guests the star treatment! A great idea for Hollywood Themed Events, Awards Nights, Fancy Dress Parties, Hen’s and Bucks nights...any event where you and your guests want to feel like stars!

You can hire as many fake paparazzi/paparazzi performers as you like to create that perfect high energy welcome at the entrance of your venue. Remember, even if these paparazzi performers are fake, the fact that YOU are a star is very real! Hire paparazzi performers to feel like the star/celebrity that you are!

Note: The paparazzi performers are not photographers; they do not take real photos - their cameras are props and for effect only! If you would like real photos to remember the evening by, we have professional photographers for hire!

For more event themes, feel free to browse through our Themes pages, or alternatively call or contact us to speak to us about coming up with your own themed events! We cater for corporate and private events, nothing is too big!

So many ways to utilize Paparazzi Hire!

Our Paparazzi hire is flexible to your event needs. Whether it's a planted fake paparazzi to greet your guests at the start of an event/party, or a rent-a-crowd style to surprise your guest or guests, or perhaps a full-fledged prank with realistic pretend-paparazzi that hound your unsuspecting victims? The most important thing for you to do is to call us about your idea for our fake paparazzi performers, and remember to speak to us about adding a professional photograher into the paparazzi crowd to capture the hilarious reactions!

Paparazzi hire is available across Australian major capital cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and surrounds.

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Paparazzi Hire - Insta-Famous Red Carpet Experience

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