Pride Event Entertainment Ideas

Celebrating Pride is hugely important in today’s society, the LGBTQ+ community deserves the celebration of equality and self-expression. But finding the right entertainment to suite can be tricky. Whether you’re hosting a Pride Parade, Pride Festival or private Pride celebration – we’ve got the perfect Pride Event Entertainment Ideas to make your event fun and […]

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Putting Thought into your End of Year Events

You can do more than just have fun… Here at Applause Entertainment, we are always for snazzing up an event. Whether it be a small-scale party, or a large corporate event – we’re all about original end of year party ideas. So today, we are going to talk about some ways in which you can […]

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Special Mother’s Day Ideas for Special Mothers

Special Mother’s Day Ideas for Special Mothers When you were little, Mother’s Day meant coming home from school with a bookmark made out of felt and glitter, presented with sticky hands and a sloppy kiss. As you grew up, the presents became more sophisticated, but no matter what you gave her, Mum always loved it. […]

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Styling Parlours – Spoil your Guests with Style

There are many good ways to say ‘thank you’ to your employees… And many ways to not to, but this week a corporate client, along with Applause Entertainment, has done it in the best way. Read on to find out why Styling Parlours are a brilliant means of thanking and celebrating your team. Our client […]

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The Art of Gifting – Giving an Experience

What to get when they want nothing: The Art of Gifting What do you give to someone who wants nothing and has it all? Today, find out how you can give someone the gift of an experience – a timeless present: Some people are gift-giving wizards – we all know at least one person who […]

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Star Wars Christmas Mashup

Ho ho ho! Merry Star Wars Christmas! Recently, we received a request from a client asking if we could help them put together a Christmas themed event. We’d just begun to dust our hands for an easy job, but then the client added an extra request: Can you incorporate Star Wars? The kids love it. […]

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How to make an Event Theme work

Every day we receive call after call from our clients who want to hold an event with an awesome theme. The client has often already had many team meetings/group emails/staff ballots prior to this phone call to come up with their event theme. So they know what they want – but they need us to assist […]

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Norton 360 Product Launch Experience

Norton 360 Product Launch Experience No matter what sort of event you are holding, if you want immersive engagement – and we mean the proactive, excited kind of engagement – then you’ll have to create an event experience that captivates your crowd. This was the case when Norton 360 by Symantec came to us (a few […]

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Character MC adds Character

What’s the difference between a normal MC, and a character MC? That’s like asking about the difference between decaf and a regular coffee, or a bicycle and a motorbike: you feel like you’re getting the same thing, but it’s just missing an extra oomph. A Character MC is that extra oomph your event may be […]

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