Events Are On. So Are We.

So much has happened since the beginning of the year. Many of us have been in and out of the office, starting a slow transition back to normality. The good news is that in-person events are back on. Whilst we had fun hosting online events, it’s exciting to finally get back to what we do best: Providing and delivering the best entertainment solutions with our network of event performers and providers across Australia.

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Creative Ways To Engage and Entertain Your Staff Online

Covid lockdowns have forced many to look for new ways to provide friends and co-workers with entertainment. Here at Applause Entertainment we specialize in providing engaging entertainment solutions for online, in-person and hybrid events. Check out this blog to learn how you can adapt your methods of online working to provide you co-workers and friends with new and exciting means of entertainment!

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10 Online Team Building Activities 2020

The new age of online-based teams collaborating on projects together remotely brings on new challenges for some. COVID-19 and the lengthy isolation periods brought with it have pushed for teams to work entirely online – which can be pretty daunting. That’s why we’ve collated 10 online team building activities to keep your team smiling and connected during a potentially difficult time.

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Corporate Team Building Ideas

Let’s face it, the usual corporate team building exercises are bland and boring. You’ve been put in charge of coming up with something that will bring your co-workers together and ultimately boost productivity within the workplace. However, you don’t want to be responsible for a boring day that was expected to be fun and light-hearted. […]

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Hosting the Most Stylish Masquerade Party

Masquerade parties have roots from 16th Century Europe. Nowadays, masquerade balls are accessible for everyone, and are an elegant theme for many different kinds of events and parties. If you’re looking to host your own Masquerade, here are some tips to ensure you host a stylish event: Choose a theme for your Masquerade Party If […]

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Up High with Stilt Performers

The Wonderful World of Stilt Performers Stilt walkers and performers are possibly the first thing that will catch your eye, wherever they are. They are excellent for themed events, events that require promotional entertainment, or just a wow-factor! Because of their height, standing near a stilt walker makes even the tallest adult connect with their […]

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Prank Your Own Party – Event Pranks

Looking to pull one over on your guests? Prank your OWN party! We all love to pull pranks on our friends and family, but people are always saying “There’s a time and place for everything”. Well, here at Applause Entertainment, we are here to tell you – that time has never better than at your […]

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The Top 10 Worst Team Building Events

This week I was going to give you a case study of one of our awesome End of Financial Year team building events – of which there are many. In June and July you can find our performers in offices, pubs, restaurants and various other venues across Australia. Creating relaxed, fun and engaging environments for […]

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The Art of Body Painting – The History

Become the Art Body painting is a beautiful form of art that has had quite an international cultural heritage. Body painting, like piercings and tattoos, is a form of body modification art. Its purpose is to express oneself, to adorn oneself, or to be a part of a larger piece of art. Unlike piercings and […]

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