Events Are On. So Are We.

So much has happened since the beginning of the year. Many of us have been in and out of the office, starting a slow transition back to normality. The good news is that in-person events are back on. Whilst we had fun hosting online events, it’s exciting to finally get back to what we do best: Providing and delivering the best entertainment solutions with our network of event performers and providers across Australia.

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Creative Ways To Engage and Entertain Your Staff Online

Covid lockdowns have forced many to look for new ways to provide friends and co-workers with entertainment. Here at Applause Entertainment we specialize in providing engaging entertainment solutions for online, in-person and hybrid events. Check out this blog to learn how you can adapt your methods of online working to provide you co-workers and friends with new and exciting means of entertainment!

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10 Online Team Building Activities 2020

The new age of online-based teams collaborating on projects together remotely brings on new challenges for some. COVID-19 and the lengthy isolation periods brought with it have pushed for teams to work entirely online – which can be pretty daunting. That’s why we’ve collated 10 online team building activities to keep your team smiling and connected during a potentially difficult time.

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Corporate Team Building Ideas

Let’s face it, the usual corporate team building exercises are bland and boring. You’ve been put in charge of coming up with something that will bring your co-workers together and ultimately boost productivity within the workplace. However, you don’t want to be responsible for a boring day that was expected to be fun and light-hearted. […]

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Work Christmas Party Ideas

So the time has come for yet another staff Christmas party, but you can’t think of how to top last year’s? You want to impress your coworkers and ensure the day is a success. This is a celebration of the season and your efforts as a company so you want to make it good, right? […]

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The Secret to an Immersive & Memorable Event

So you want to know the secret to an immersive & memorable event? What do you think are the most popular attractions at Disneyland? The rides? The shows? The fireworks? It’s actually the character meet & greets. Characters are crucial to the success of any major theme park. If there’s one thing the lines are […]

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Looking back on 2016 with Applause

Looking back on 2016 with Applause Entertainment 2016 has been an absolute whirlwind adventure at Applause Entertainment. With more Murder Mysteries, Game Show LIVES, paparazzi hordes, and general fun than we have had ever before, it’s time we start looking back on 2016 and some of the crazy moments we had this year. It’s truly […]

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Celebrating the Life of John Howitt

Celebrating the Life of John Howitt – the Story of a Posthumous Party Request John Howitt was an absolute character – the larger-than-life soul from Lindfield started the Killara 680 Coffee Theatre in 1955. He was affectionately known as the “king of mime”. John contributed so much towards the entertainment and theatre scene. His endless […]

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How to have a Happy Halloween

Super Spooky Seasonal Entertainment Last week, we were talking about the art of body painting. With Halloween coming up, you’ll be seeing a lot more body and face painting for costumes, or just for a bit of fun. We love Halloween, because it’s a time when everyone’s wearing costumes – which we do all year […]

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