Online Bogan Bingo Host

It’s Bingo But Not As You Know It Our Online Bogan Bingo show combines the thrill of trivia and the fun of open mic night to provide you and your friends with the chance to embrace your inner bogan! Bogan Bingo is designed to suit any crowd. Each game is full of songs, jokes and […]

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Virtual Santa Gift Meetings

Turn Your Corporate Christmas Event into a Joyful Experience Ho! Ho! Ho! This year we’ve all had to learn to do things a little differently, and so has Santa! This is why Applause Entertainment is now offering Virtual Santa Gift Meetings! Coming to you LIVE from the North Pole, Santa is bringing you and your […]

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Corporate Christmas Gift for Staff and Clients!

Turn Your Corporate Christmas Event into a Joyful Experience Ho! Ho! Ho! How would you feel about a little corporate Christmas gift? This year we’ve all had to learn to do things a little differently, and so has Santa! Coming to you LIVE all the way from the North Pole, Santa brings your company a […]

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Christmas Game Show Online – Hosted by Santa

Planning on hosting an online games night for your friends, family or staff? An Online Game Show package that’s organised and handled remotely over Zoom or Skype video call could be for you! This incredibly fun Virtual Quiz Night Experience is a hoot for everyone involved! Book your Christmas Game Show today! Looking for some […]

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Online Santa Hire – Father Christmas

What’s Christmas without a chat with Santa Claus? Hire the perfect professional Santa Claus / Father Christmas for your next Christmas event to Virtually join you and your guests over Zoom or similar Video Chat software. Fill the hearts of children and adults alike with Christmas magic and wonder. Hire a Virtual Santa this Christmas to […]

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Virtual Murder Mystery Events – Online Hosts

Corporate Online Virtual Murder Mystery Events Our Online Murder Mystery Events are a great way to encourage teamwork, deduction, analysis and listening, but most importantly, they’re a whole lot of fun! Read on to know how you can have the perfect Virtual Online Murder Mystery Party. Hire a Virtual Online Murder Mystery Host who will run the whole […]

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Online Master of Ceremonies – Virtual Host

So you want to run a meeting on Zoom but may not know the other participants? Or perhaps the itinerary calls for multiple presenters and you don’t want to have to worry about the confusing tech? Sounds like you need an Online Master of Ceremonies or Virtual Event Host! If you want to keep things light, fun and […]

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Online Hoax Performer

Who doesn’t want to share a laugh with their friends, family and co-workers? If so, how about trying an Online Hoax Performer! Punk your next online work video call with a surprise Hoax Performance! They’re a great way to add some laughter to your virtual celebrations and work meetings. Do you have a genius idea […]

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Online Magic Shows – Meet with a Magician

Magic is one of the best ways to captivate a crowd. Laugh and watch in wonder as your personalised magician will perform for you online in these spectacular Online Magic Shows! Your guests will be amazed as this personal, interactive magic show experience leaves them jaw-dropped and wanting more! Our makers-of-magic will perform live tricks and illusions over […]

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