Astronaut Hire

Transport your guests to another dimension with our premium Astronaut performers. This breathtaking act comes complete with a genuine Nasa space suit, which is generally used for film and television productions. The Astronaut is ideal for photo opportunities and roving entertainment around your event. Whether the Astronaut is greeting guests or present in the sidelines […]

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Corpse Bride Character / Weeping Widow

Hire a Corpse Bride Character Impersonator to rove and horrify guests at your next Halloween/horror themed event! Till death do us part! The Corpse Bride Character will be on the loose in search of her beloved and will be stopping by your next event! This iconic horror character pairs beautifully with Halloween or scary themed […]

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International Entertainment

Looking to take your staff around the world without catching a plane? Then Applause Entertainment have just what you need! Spice up any corporate event with our host of International Entertainment and performances. The world is full of so many rich and wonderful cultures. Why not bring them to life at your next event? Entertainment […]

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Strongman Hire

What do you get when you combine brute strength and entertainment? Why a Strongman of course! As the name suggests, a Strongman is a performer who uses his superior strength to pull off amazing feats. With their brawn and energy they are popular with both circus events and cabaret shows, even premium and corporate events! What’s great about […]

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Entertainment Workshops

Are you and your friends looking to learn a new skill? Or are you a looking for a team building event to take part in with your fellow co-workers? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then take a look at some of the entertainment workshops we offer at Applause Entertainment! Our high-quality […]

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Shopping Center Activities

Do you want to enhance your Shopping Center experience? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Applause Entertainment we offer high-quality and professional entertainment services, so let us add some fun and magic to your customer’s shopping routine. How you may ask? Well read on to find out how! Excite and dazzle Make […]

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Side Show Circus Acts

Side Show Circus Acts have taken the pop culture world by storm in recent years. From the Simpsons all the way to American Horror Story and The Greatest Showman, you’ll be hard pressed in finding someone who hasn’t heard about the mystery and intrigue surrounding Side Show Circus Acts. With this in mind Applause Entertainment […]

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Flash Mobs – Screaming Fans – Bucks Party Acts

Greet your guest of honour with Flash Mobs of Screaming Fans This modern and hilarious act features flash mobs of screaming fans! Perfect to surprise a special guest of honour or group of guests for your party or event. What better way to make someone feel special than to have a group of people recognize […]

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Darth Vader Character Hire

Now you can show your guests the true power of the Dark Side with Applause Entertainments’ Darth Vader Character Hire. This iconic 80s film character is brilliant for an array of different themed events. If you’re throwing a party with a Star Wars theme, then you’re going to want your very own Darth Vader Character […]

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