Donut Wall Hire

Love Donuts? A Donut Wall is the ultimate visually appealing method to showcase a collection of Donuts at your event. Donut Wall’s can be customised to suit the theme or event of your choice, with dozens of colour schemes and event messaging options to choose from. How does it work? Simply get in touch to […]

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Lolly Station Hire

Got a sweet tooth? A Lolly Station is the perfect way to present the chocolate and confectionary that you love, in an organised and aesthetically appealing fashion. Lolly Station’s can be customised to suit the theme or event of your choice, with dozens of colour schemes and event messaging options to choose from. How does it […]

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Custom Invitation Hire

Send out Custom Invitations to your Event We can provide you with a beautifully designed custom invitation for your event, which matches your event theme and concept. Check out this example of how we incorporated a custom video invitation from Big Tony to suit a 1920’s themed event. Consult with us over the phone today! […]

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Aura Photography Booth Hire

Would you like to see yourself in a different way? Aura Photography Reading allows you to see yourself in a way you never have before, enabling you to discover what your aura has to say about your life force. Using a special Aura Photography Booth, you can view the electromagnetic field that exists around your […]

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Corpse Bride Character / Weeping Widow

Hire a Corpse Bride Character Impersonator to rove and horrify guests at your next Halloween/horror themed event! Till death do us part! The Corpse Bride Character will be on the loose in search of her beloved and will be stopping by your next event! This iconic horror character pairs beautifully with Halloween or scary themed […]

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Historical Characters Hire

If you’re looking for the perfect Historical Characters for your next event then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’re wanting the Queen of England to attend your promotional event? Or maybe you’d like some Roman Gladiators to attend your school and discuss Roman history. Whatever it may be – Applause Entertainment can provide […]

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Disney Villain Characters for Events

Looking to add some Disney villainy to your next event? Then our Disney Villain Characters for Events could be the perfect entertainment solution for you. Imagine Maleficent watching you guests with her imposing and sinister gaze as Ursula the Sea Witch schemes with your guests. Picture the elegant yet horrifying Cruella de Vil enlisting the […]

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Superhero Character Hire

Ever wanted your very own Superhero? Well now you can with Applause Entertainments high-quality and professional Superhero Character Hire. Impress your guests with your very own real life Superhero today! Our Superhero Character Hire is brilliant for any Superhero themed event Give your event that extra WOW factor with a special appearance from one or […]

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Lifeguard and Pool Boy Coastguard Hire

Looking for entertaining Summer entertainment solutions for your next pool party or Summer themed corporate celebration? We’ve got you covered. Our wide selection of pool boys, coastguard, bay watch and lifeguards means we’ll have the right performers for your event! Applause Entertainments Lifeguard and Pool Boy Coastguard Hire is the entertainment you’ve been looking for! […]

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