Gold Theme

A Premium Theme Suitable For Distinguished Guests If you’re looking to add a premium feel to any of your events, our Gold Theme is perfect for you. Traditionally used to symbolise prosperity, strength and wealth, this precious metallic colour will provide a VIP ambience to any event.  A Gold Theme is a wonderful way to […]

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Havana Nights Theme – Havana Themed Events

The Havana Nights Theme will take your Guests to Cuba For an international cultural celebration the Cuban way, you’ll want to give your event a Havana Nights theme! This colorful and exciting theme is rich with cultural music, food and incredible entertainment! This is a colorful Cuban twist on the standard tropical themed event. Cuban […]

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Sports Theme for Events and Parties

Events with sport themes is a fantastic opportunity to evoke all the excitement attached to watching a major sports game!

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New York Themed Events – NYC Party Theme

Recreate the streets of New York – NYC with a selection of amazing entertainment. This is an event theme that defies to be defined.

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Outback Australia Themed Entertainment

Outback Australia – it’s one of our country’s most beautiful aspects. We refer to it as “the bush”, but it is so much more than the flora and fauna.

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Food and Wine Event Theme

If there is any, anyone in the world can agree with, it’s that anything can be made better with good Food and Wine. What we eat, and what we drink, transcends boundaries of land, language, and culture.

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French Theme Party Ideas

A French Theme party is tres bien! For the ultimate experience, don’t miss out on French theme event entertainment. We can make France come to you.

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German Oktoberfest Themed Ideas

You’re about to have the most fantastisch German and Oktoberfest themed event. So, put on your Lederhosen, fill up your beer steins, and practice your German accents!

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International Cultures Inspired Entertainment

Celebrate the beauty of international cultures with entertainment and acts inspired by the world. We can help you with your multicultural event, no matter the theme.

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